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We Create Places Out of Spaces.

We help small businesses retrofit their current space by creating environmental design concepts that focus on user experience.  Find out more

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a glimpse into What we do

Our Process


we ask critical questions and search for the answers

Powerful and effective designs are not rooted in what simply "looks good".  In order to create environments that communicate the core values and culture of your business, an extensive amount of research must be performed.  The information gathered during the research phase is carefully documented during conversations with the business owner, collected across multiple trusted sources, and is geared toward the target market.  Discoveries made during the research phase will fuel the design decisions made throughout the course of the project.  


a good design should feel as if it has been there all along

The design portion of the project is when the desired functions and findings from the research phase are stitched together seamlessly with the materials and features that make up the environment.  The core values and complex traits of your business are manifested into a cohesive physical form that feels as if it has been there all along.  Rooted in the fundamentals that craft the essence of who your business is and grounded on the evidence collected, your space is able to grow into a place that allows your business to flourish and thrive.



we connect you with local professionals who will execute

We have taken the time necessary to carefully craft a design for your space that effectively communicates who you are as a business and meets your functional needs.  The final step is to pass your design off to trusted local professionals who can execute the plans generated.  Architects, builders, or contractors near you may be contacted in order to ensure that your project is in good hands and will be seen through to the end with tremendous professionalism, quality, and care.  

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Companies & Brands

We couldn’t be more honored to have worked with some of the most interesting and innovative brands around the world. Below are just some of the small businesses, large companies & brands our founders have had the privilege to work with in a design related capacity. 

We can’t wait to meet you
— willow & wade team